We welcome all research talent

Our scholarships are opened to all nationalities to come to Singapore and exchange and cross fertilise ideas, and jointly create opportunites for the development of new innovations.

Bond free scholarships are offered annually to outstanding graduate research scientists at the PhD and Postdoctoral levels to support their full-time research efforts at a Singapore-based university or Research Institute. We also fund medical doctors who are keen on pursuing clinical research.

The SMF scholarships are highly prestigious awards. They are awarded to only the most dynamic and promising postgraduate candidates to support them in their journey of discovery and achievement. We expect our scholars' proposed research projects to have a high potential of impact on R&D in their respective fields, and that their lifelong careers will be marked by significant contributions to research, teaching and/or industrial applications.

To meet the needs of a changing and dynamic environment, the areas of research supported by us are regularly reviewed.The fields of Research currently supported are:
  • Environmental Science, Renewable Resources & Water
  • Engineering
  • Physical & Materials Science
  • Life Sciences

In addtion to the award of the scholarships, to encourage research excellence, the SMF also supports attendance at prestigous conferences for those scholars who have been selected to have their papers presented at these conferences.

Tenure of Award

The awards are tenable at the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University or Research Institutes in Singapore.

Financial Support

The levels of financial support are :

PhD candidateS$4,000 per month for up to 4 years
Postdoctoral candidateS$6,000 per month for up to 2 years
Clinician Scientists S$8,000 per month for up to 2 years

The Award does not provide for any other costs like enrolment or course fees, settling-in allowances or any other expenses, which are to be borne by the awardees themselves from their monthly grants.

A special travel allowance of up to S$2,000 may be provided to assist only international scholars to cover one-way economy air travel to Singapore.This allowance will not apply to those who are already located in Singapore.


1.Aspiring researchers of all nationalities with an excellent academic track record who intend to pursue a research career. Prior research experience and publications in peer-reviewed international journals will be advantageous..
2.Applicants awarded the SMF scholarships must not concurrently hold any other scholarships.
3.Acceptance to the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University or any Singapore-based research institutions is required to enable applicants to be considered for the SMF Scholarships.
4.Researchers already enrolled at the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University or any Singapore-based research institutions can also apply.

Criteria for selection

In our search for the brightest and the best researchers, the folowing criteria are used:

(1) Overall competency of your project.

Your capability and that of your Scientific Advisor/ Supervisor, the technical soundness of your proposed approach, the adequacy of the institutional resources available and the likelihood of success of the new research endeavour is your first step to being selected.

(2) Previous record and potential.

Your potential and dedication to contribute to your field of research is equally important. Your records of college results and accomplishments, particularly publications in peer-reviewed international journals, will demonstrate your competency in research and your capacity to undertake new research endeavours.

(3) Intrinsic merit of your project.

Your research proposal should demonstrate a strong likelihood that it will lead to new discoveries, or fundamental advances within its field or have substantial impact on the progress in that field or in other science, technology and engineering fields.

(4) Utility or relevance of the research.

Your research is expected to contribute to the achievement of a goal that is extrinsic to the research field itself and serve as the basis for new or improved technology or assist in the solution of societal challenges


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